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Filip Růžička

Full stack JavaScript developer
+420 724 124 888

Filip Růžička - portrait


Full stack web developer who adheres to best practices used in today's app development and deployment practices. Always learning and staying focused on the front end.

Born in May 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic
Languages: Czech (native), English (fluent)

Professional Experience

2019-2021 Front-end developer
  • Developed and maintained critical high-traffic frontend components for ad delivery systems
  • Led the transition from legacy deployments to CI/CD workflows
  • Onboarded new team members, co-authored tech stacks for new projects and refactored legacy projects

2017-2018 Webmaster

Responsible for a library of rich media ad templates, developed tools for debugging and testing ad rendering across websites.


Self-employed: Freelance web developer

I've delivered work that ranges from research, wireframing and visual design all the way through the stack to server setup and database design, while trying my best to understand my clients' business and budget needs.



Prague College: BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media

My college education allowed me to experiment with a wide range of technologies to create art compositions and installations using mixed media both in virtual and physical space.


SSŠVT: Secondary school (Soukromá střední škola výpočetní techniky)

Learned the basics of general IT, networks and programming.


  • Front-end
    My specialty is the "backend of the frontend". I use modern browser APIs in maintainable, modular and well-tested TypeScript and current JavaScript to collect, store and expose data by consuming or creating APIs and data structures. I enjoy doing code reviews and gate-keeping projects from dependency creep. I've got a working experience using reactive frameworks – React, Vue and Svelte.

  • Back-end
    Node.js is my go-to tool for writing scripts and build tools for data transformation and processing, creating custom build processes, designing REST/GraphQL API servers and connecting to the rest of the backend infrastructure. I've previously used recent PHP frameworks and MySQL to build websites.

  • DevOps
    I write my own Docker images and compose definitions for most projects to unify development environments and to get apps ready for cloud deployment in container orchestration services. I'm comfortable using GitLab for setting up CI/CD workflows and deployment to Kubernetes.

Tools & workflow

I'm comfortable in

  1. TypeScript
  2. ES6+
  3. Jest
  4. Cypress
  5. node.js
  6. Docker
  7. webpack
  8. git
  9. GitLab CI

I'm familiar with

  1. React
  2. Vue.js
  3. Svelte
  4. Kubernetes